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Please allow up to 5 working days for orders to be ready.
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Coconut Scourers

Typical sponges are full of plastic and potentially release micro plastics into the water every time they are used.

We swapped ours for cloths and coconut scourers. The cloths can be thrown in the washing machine with our towel wash and the coconut scourers can be composted when they eventually come to the end of their use.

We've been using the EcoCoconut Scourers for about a year and a half now. The first one lasted just over a year before we decided to demote it the dirty jobs - it's still full of life but is a bit battered and squished so it's now used for scrubbing the floor. They scrub really well and are comfortable enough to hold. After use I give ours a rinse out and sit it on the drainer to dry off. 

EcoCoconut Scourers - Pack of 2   This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190613_094606-1.jpg

You'll notice the photo on the right shows a coconut scrubber with a wooden handle, whilst these are great for getting to the bottom of glasses I found that our handle started to go mouldy long before the scourer end reached the end of it's use. I tried to be extra careful about drying it off, standing it a certain way up on the drainer etc. but none of this made any difference. This is why you wont find the ones with handles in the Easy Eco Swaps section of my shop.

I just use a cleaning cloth wrapped around a spoon or a fork to get to the bottom of glasses now and it works a treat! 

I'm super happy to not be using those yellow and green sponges anymore!

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