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Please note: some items are made to order. Orders may take up to 5 working days to be dispatched.
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How to clean your clothes the eco way...

We all want clean and fresh clothes and if you're reading this you probably want to avoid harming the Earth whilst doing so.

I have used several "eco options" over the years and had varying results or I have found new information that has changed my mind about continuing using that product. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190613_094332-e1560803881240.jpgEcoegg - We used an ecoegg for about 6 months. At the time I thought it was great. The egg itself is plastic and you fill with two types of beads, one of which provided the scent boost. Unfortunately when our washing machine gave in we found that the eco egg didn't work with our new one. We had opted for a washing machine that had some good eco credentials, at the time, and one of the plus points was that it weighs the load and only uses the amount of water that works for that weight. Unfortunately the eco egg requires more water than our machine will use. 

Ecover Laundry Liquid - There's a few things that I'm not keen on here. Even though I can buy a much larger bottle than some of the usual brands it's still a plastic bottle that's intended as single use. Then, depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go the company was bought by SC Johnson & Son Inc who rate pretty poorly on issues such as the environment and animal welfare. As always with these things you need to do your own research and make your own informed decisions. Here's a link to get your started - How ethical is SC Johnson & Son Inc?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190325_100828.jpgSplosh - Splosh offer a refill system for various products. You order the refills - pouches filled with concentrated product which you must then dilute down as per their instructions. The pouches are sent via the post and you can return them once you have so many empty pouches saved up. I found the scents a little overpowering and at one point there was some uncertainty about whether the pouches would still be accepted for returns and also what they would be made into. Things might have changed now...

Tru Earth laundry strips - This is what we use now. These are great because they clean your clothes, don't have an over powering scent and the only packaging required is the cardboard envelope they come in. The strips themselves are concentrated cleaning product that dissolves in the wash cycle. You can even rip a strip in half for smaller loads. I like these enough that I stock them in my Easy Eco Swaps section of my online shop!

Check out their brilliant advert: 


 I have thought of making my own - there are various recipes out there - but there are also various accounts of washing machines that have been destroyed by using vinegar or warranties being voided by using untested cleaning substances. I'm not quite ready to have to deal with that so the Tru Earth strips are my personal preference.

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