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Please allow up to 5 working days for orders to be ready.
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Meet the Maker: Prompt 10: Small Detail

It's been really difficult seeing other gift boxes and wrapping solutions with loads of lovely coloured paper, stickers, ribbons etc. I've received parcels in the past with those extras and I know the joy it brings... but I don't want to compromise on my eco friendly and sustainable ethos. I can't just see "biodegradable" written in a product description and buy it, I need to know the full story, what are its eco credentials... is it just going to biodegrade into micro plastics? Is it still going to take 20 years to break down? Is it going to leach something nasty into our gorgeous earth...

"If you dare to care, it's a head-fuck"

(quoted from Lily Cole's Who Cares Wins).

I also don't want you to have to deal with a load of clutter, as the recipient you are the one that needs to find a way to reuse or dispose of whatever wraps your package and making that hard work for you doesn't seem right either. When picking my packaging and small details I try to make sure its something that at the very least can be recycled in the majority of council's systems (each council accepts different stuff).

So I use wood wool packaging to cushion items, paper wrapping for my soap and labels, a stamp and planet friendly ink for adding my logo. I try to add colour in the form of coloured tissue paper or, in the case of a special release, some easy to recycle paper from another small business. I've started adding a little note with my care labels and I try to add something extra, currently a packet of UK native wildflower seeds.

I really want you to have an amazing experience when you receive your parcels but I won't comprise my values and our planet to do so 💚

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