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Meet the Maker: Prompt 13 & 14: Free

The Meet the Maker hashtag challenge has the weekends set to "free" to allow us a catch up or a well earned rest!

So, what have I been up to this weekend?


I'm working on some new soaps and I've been getting those made so they can be cured in time for the first Subscription Box. You can see a brief video of the making of Sunday's soap over on IGTV . (I'm still new to doing videos and for some reason when I uploaded this one it decided to zoom in, so everything is at the edge of the screen! Whoops! One day I'll figure this all out)


This weekend I made a sweet & sour veg stirfry with some left over pineapple and a load of our Riverford veggies, inspired by Gaz Oakly. And I also put our bread maker to good use and made some bread... home baked bread is just too good!


Last weekend I sowed some seeds in our little seedling tray in the kitchen window and I've been watching them grow so fast! I've been planning how best to move them on and prepping some little pots. We've got a few different things in there:

Indigo & Safflower - these are known for their amazing colour and are often used in dyes, I'm hoping to grow some and play around with their colours and how they turn out in soap... that's a long way off yet and I may not be able to use them in soap I make to sell due to cosmetic regulations but in the meantime the bees can enjoy the flowers.

Mustard - I'm using this a bit like cress, snip a bit off and add to salads and a sandwich, it packs quite the punch!

Cucumber, Red Pepper, Cabbage & Hamburg Parsley - I think these are pretty self explanatory but the Hamburg Parsley caught my eye in the seed catalogue, the root is like a parsnip and the tops are like parsley, seemed like a good combination to me.


So, there you have it, an insight to my oh so exciting weekend :)

What have you been up to this weekend?


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