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Please note: some items are made to order. Orders may take up to 5 working days to be dispatched.
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Meet the Maker: Prompt 15: Focus & Priorities

My main priority is always the environment - am I doing everything I can to ensure my products are kind to the earth?

Some of the things I do:

  • Reuse everything I possibly can - a lot of my ingredients come in plastic tubs. It's cost effective and it's safe. Plastic isn't evil, it's our idea of throwing things away that's the issue. Generally speaking those plastic tubs are the right plastic for making soap (it has to be the plastic with the number 5 in the triangle because of the high pH of the raw soap batter) so I use them for making soap. They're also great for storing either equipment or other ingredients that arrived in a bag. The bags get washed and reused too - if I can't use them in my soapmaking somehow they're generally a really good size to cover seedlings to get them started. If I can't reuse something in the business, i'll reuse it around the home or the allotment.
  • Research - I'm always looking out for new information, new research & articles. I like to understand things so I can make my own informed decision rather than fall into the trap of believing something is all "good" or all "bad" without researching it.

Another priority is paperwork. There's a lot of it. I have to make up a Product Information File for every batch of something that I make that details all the ingredients, where they came from, what their batch numbers are, my manufacturing process and create a file that includes all the safety data sheets too... I am so glad I don't have to print them! (That's only a small portion of the paperwork, I wont bore you with the rest!)

And, of course, I want to make great products! I want to prove that you can still look and feel great without it costing the earth!

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