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Please allow up to 5 working days for orders to be ready.
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Meet the Maker: Prompt 19: Silver Linings (plus day 20 & 21)

2020. The year the world stopped. The year of the pandemic. 

Whilst 2020 certainly had it's difficult moments it also brought some fantastic moments too. 

March 2020, the world stopped, we had to shut our game shop (3rd Space Gaming) and everyone was told to stay at home.

I had already been working on starting Handmade by Kathryn but being at home more gave me time to finalise a few bits before the official launch.

We had some gorgeous weather in that first lockdown and I'll admit I really enjoyed the slow down to every day life. It was almost like being on holiday and it was actually a welcome break to the stresses of normal life and running a small business. I struggle to shut off at the best of times and the first lockdown forced me to stop, enjoy the world's natural beauty and rest.

I spent a lot of time on those beautiful sunny days sat on the back doorstep. I watched the bees buzzing around the flowers in my pots and the birds eating from the feeder - I even managed to get a robin and some coal tits to feed from my hand! Yep, they landed on my hand! It was amazing and I really don't think I would have stopped long enough to have that happen before lockdown.

I had time to create and launch Handmade by Kathryn too but you just can't beat the feeling of having a wild bird landing on your hand!


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