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Please note: some items are made to order. Orders may take up to 5 working days to be dispatched.
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Meet the Maker: Prompt 23: Job/s

There's a lot of jobs to do and try to balance...

Research - whether it be the legal stuff, ingredients, sustainability, techniques & designs, there's always more research to be done.

Paperwork - there's so much paperwork... keeping records of raw materials, my own products, batch numbers, use by dates, usage expectations and shelf life, testing and record the results... the list goes on... and that's before all the accounting side of things.

Social Media & Marketing - you can probably tell that I haven't got a clue 😆 its a lot of trial and error. I find these hashtag challenges super useful as it gives me some sort of direction at least. Thanks @joannehawker I've really enjoyed doing this one 🙂

Website management - using something like @shopify makes life so much easier. A lot of what you need your online store to do is already done but there are occasionally times where I've had to delve into understanding Shopify code too to make little tweaks. Fortunately there's some fab apps and tutorials out there too 😁

Customer service - a massive part of any small business! Answering emails, adding special touches to orders, chasing up the odd parcel that decided to take the long way around...

Formulating & Making - creating my recipes, testing them, actually making my products then packaging them and dispatching orders...

Remembering to eat / sleep / live - without J I probably would worked myself to the point of exhaustion, I just can't switch off, there's always something that I need to do or feel I can tweak to make it even better. J has kept me fed, hydrated and, most of all, reminded me of the importance to stop every once in a while!

I forgot to mention photography on my Instagram post - getting your products to look good in a photo is key to selling online, it can be tricky finding the right lighting, not over crowding the background etc.


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