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Meet the Maker - Prompt 3 - Beliefs & Values

I think it's clear by this point that I care about the planet and I make with sustainability in mind. I believe that nothing is as straight forward as 'good' or 'bad' and I like to research the ingredients and packaging that I use to ensure I'm doing everything I can to produce fantastic products that wont damage the earth. I also like to ensure that I'm using packaging that's easy for you to dispose of in a way that wont harm the planet. I see no point in using packaging that's, for example, compostable, if it can only be composted in an industrial composter or 'biodegradable' packaging that, again, needs specialist conditions to break down. If it isn't easy to reuse, compost or recycle then I go back and research other things I can use instead.

I also like to really read into things like palm oil. Whilst I don't use palm oil in my products I believe that responsibly sourced palm oil has it's plus points - it helps local communities, it is carefully harvested to avoid unnecessary damage to the environment and we also need to factor in that, as a society, we have become reliant on palm oil for a lot of things from food to cosmetics. Human nature means if we completely stopped using palm oil then we would just find an alternative and cause exactly the same problems there too.

What are your thought's on responsibly sourced palm oil? Are you set against it or do you believe it's better than avoiding palm oil completely?


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