Please allow up to 5 working days for orders to be ready.
Please allow up to 5 working days for orders to be ready.
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Meet the Maker: Prompt 30: Range

This is something I am working on and want to expand. I'd love to introduce more skin care and maybe some home fragrance products too. Everything takes a lot of time and money to create, test, safety assess and then launch so, whilst it might seem like nothing much is happening, it's all go in the background!


Right now I have a fantastic range of soaps:

The Natural Collection - all about using natural colourants such as Turmeric, Paprika, Cocoa Powder, Clays and of course, my favourite, Alkanet root!

Salt Bars - These provide a gorgeous lather and gentle exfoliation. The clays provide a lovely slip to the lather which means they make a fantastic shaving bar too!

Fragranced Collection - these soaps don't fall under the 'natural' banner because, even though I only use natural colourants, these use Fragrance Oils. These aren't considered natural but there are definitely benefits to using these over the 'natural' essential oils - that's another blog post but it means we can enjoy scents that we cannot get from essential oils alone and also they can be manufactured without some of the allergens that are naturally occurring in essential oils.



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