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Please allow up to 5 working days for orders to be ready.
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Meet the Maker - Prompt 4 - On Your Desk

My desk, well, right now I don't have a desk. We're trying to run two businesses from home right now and our home is tiny. There isn't space for me to have a proper desk so whilst my soap is made in the kitchen (after a full clean down and sanitation plus protective covers on the works tops and separate soaping equipment) I have my Chromebook on my knee on the settee for doing all my soapy admin. We do have a gorgeous huge coffee table though that we were given second hand from J's parents. I love it, it's big enough to be able to wrap soaps and parcels and I use it for product shots too. It also has two fantastic drawers that go right across from front to back, one for my J, one for me.

It's super sturdy and I frequently perch on the edge of it when I'm mid way through working on something in the kitchen that I want to chat to J about (usually when he's mid way through a game on the xbox)!

I hope to have a soap kitchen and office space one day but right now this will do. I sometimes get a bit cramped up but it does the job :)

What sort of work space do you have? How have you had to adapt your space for working from home?

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